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How it All Began

I really love all aspects of being a creative person, from designing websites and graphic via my boutique design studio, Jagmedia, founded in 2001 and creative ideas that connect people together. I started a women focused networking group  called Janet’s Circle for Entrepreneurs (see a theme there ?) from 2007-12 to give women more of a voice in the local business world in Los Angeles, after attending a class that simply did not allow women’s voices to be heard in a remotely equitable way. My networking group embraced both women and men, including the support and mentorship aspects of that venture.

I stepped back from it all in 2012 when the world was crumbling around me and the recession took it’s toll on my business and myself; I simply did not have the energy for it. I am proud to say we had a blowout Anniversary Event at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica that brought many diverse people together for networking and learning from our fabulous speakers that imparted us with words of wisdom!

About Our Founder

Janet A Gervers is a Creative Entrepreneur that loves empowering people and recognizes the need to empower andWomen in the spotlight! Starting in the corporate world as a full-time employee to the startup world, freelancer and business owner and entrepreneur, it’s been a wild and interesting ride. yet, there’s still a common thread through all of this – women’s voices still need to be heard and women need to be seen more than ever!


Moving On & Moving Forward!

Moving on, I developed a successful blog that was founded to help  spread the word about a local event in Venice that needed much help getting off the ground. The notable blog is Abbot Kinney First Fridays which propelled this event to international status and is even bigger than before 10 years later. Much to my chagrin, while a few local businesses were supportive of it, there were those that were really negative and completely unsupportive, although they benefitted from my efforts. It was definitely a learning experience and  one of the purposes I’m using it for is learning!

I mentor college interns in writing, social media and all aspects of running a blog and have had the pleasure of working with students from Loyola, UCLA, USC, LA Community College, etc. I’ve learned from my interns and it helps to keep me current with the pulse of the Millennial Generation!

Wow, I didn’t think I would be writing and or sharing this much. A culmination of events in the news and the business and social environment that all women are facing today is astounding. We ALL have much work to do and progress to make – and I believe it’s a group effort, comprised of Women and Men actively working toward it. This will create a better society for ALL of us! Let’s get started!

Thanks in advance for Your support!

Janet A. Gervers

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