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About BizWomenToday and Our Founder


How it All Started

I really love all aspects of being a creative person, from designing websites and graphics via my design studio, Jagmedia. It’s the springboard for my other ventures that connect people together, namely, BizWomenToday.

I started a women focused networking group called Janet’s Circle for Entrepreneurs from 2007-12 to give women more of a voice in the local business world in Los Angeles, after attending a class that prevented women’s voices from being heard heard in an equitable way. My networking group embraced and supported both local business women and men.

I stepped back from it all in 2012 when recession took it’s toll on my business; I could no longer support it. I am proud to say I had a well attended 5 Year Anniversary Networking Event at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica that brought together a huge group of diverse business people for networking and learning from the insights of my event speakers.

About Our Founder

Janet A Gervers is a Creative Entrepreneur that loves empowering people and recognizes the need to empower Women by shining the spotlight on them! Starting in the corporate world, to startup world, then freelancer, finally to business owner / entrepreneur, it’s been a wild and interesting ride. yet, there’s still a common thread through all of this – women’s voices still need to be heard and business women deserve to be in the spotlight and empowered more than ever!


Moving Forward!

I founded an influential blog, Abbot Kinney First Fridays that put a local event in Venice on the map over 10 years ago and is still going strong! My blog garners a large Los Angeles Millenial audience that love everything food related. Features are also on art, culture and events.

My primary business Jagmedia offers website design and graphic design services, catering to entrepreneurs, small business owners and non profits. I started in in 2001 when I resided in Venice and after working in the corporate world. I encountered the glass ceiling numerous times throughout my career, especially in the corporate world, and realized while the business environment for women is improving there is still more to do.

I started this website in 2018 to empower women by putting them right in the spotlight with free searchable directory listings. There’s a Featured Listing, which is  a full profile page linked to your searchable directory listing. It’s a way to maximize your business exposure and support BizWomenToday!

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Janet A. Gervers

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